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hello friends!

i have a glass blowing acquaintance who has just provided me with several sheets of tempered glass, saying he would love to see photos printed on them.  i have a couple of questions....

1)  should he sand blast them to give the surface a bit of tooth?
2)  what is the formula for the gelatin coating?  the james' book mentions a 3% solution of gelatin and formalin. i see there is glyoxal on the b+s site listed as a subsitute for formaldehyde, shall i mix that in with the warmed gelatin solution?  and if so, how much?

i apologize if this has been covered elsewhere.  and horror of horrors, it appears i have misplaced my post-factory library during the cross-country move!  so i cannot look up the galina article in #5.  :(

happy holidays,