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RE: archivalness of gum

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, Dave S wrote:

Same with indigo which originally was made from indigo plant. It has a
beautiful purple tone, but it is also fugitive. Today's indigo is a mixture
of prussian blue and quinacridone red. Those who are used to true indigo
sometimes complain that the synthetic indigo is too colorful (the true
indigo is more muted), but this can be fixed easily by adding just a touch
of black; so today's indigo is also a hue name.
About 10 years ago on the list we ran a thread on indigo... I had some esoteric info about it from a book on color... now buried in the morass... but even the mixed indigo is one of the strongest watercolors in the kit & comes through really strong & beautiful in gum.

Now 2 hours later, I gotta do what I logged on for... (some serious community "business")... but it's been swell, thanks to all & joyeux noel.