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Re: gum mixes

Hi Chris

I mix my own. 300g PLUS I litre of water. I use 13g of K2Cr2O7 with distilled water to make a total volume of 100ml. When I use this I always make sure there are no crystals before use which is only really the winter months when the heating isn't on.

I use 1:1 gum/K2Cr2O7 for my base exposure then change the ratios for highlights and shadows. I can normally get a print from 3 layers of gum.

Best wishes


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Dear all,

I'm finishing my section on gum thicknesses, and was wondering a question or two of all one-time to inveterate gum printers:

1. How many of you are using premixed gum?
2. If not and you are mixing your own, what dilution are you mixing it at exactly--weight of gum into what volume of water, for instance? If it is 300g in a TOTAL volume of 1 liter, or 300g PLUS one liter please differentiate clearly. If, mixing more than one solution, also state. If not using gum/pigment 1:1 sensitizer at time of use please note.

Any other practices, I'd love to hear--e.g. using a hydrometer or some such thing. Or if you use dry gum at time of use in your sensitized mix and do not premix a gum solution. Stuff like that. I've got the timeline almost finished on gum dilutions from beginning til now and I want the "now" as in 2007. Hopefully this isn't too pointless, misleading, and confusing!

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