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Re: Seurat

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, John Grocott wrote:


This link gives more comparisons with Seurat as photographer.
John, How did you find that link? Some of the text seemed familiar, probably from the NY Times article, but some of it was apparently the author's own. He lists himself as writer/photographer, and mentions a gallery and (as I recall) an agent, but doesn't show any of his own photographs, or not that I could discover -- which seems odd. (And does leave one curious.)

In any event, thanks -- very interesting.

PS. Also very interesting, we saw Persepolis last night, now at the Angelika, a mere 15 minute walk away (unlike friends going to LA. New Hampshire, et al, for the holidays). It was sublime. Highly recommended. But tho I daresay photographs were reference for some of the backgrounds, the drawings did not seem at all "photographic" -- or not to my eyes.


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