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Re: direct carbon or gum bleach development

On Jan 2, 2008, at 6:09 AM, Marek Matusz wrote:

Gum bleach development requires higher density negative then normal gum. I would say something more like palladium negative density would be fine to start with.
Hmmm... maybe that's part of the problem I had before, with getting a dark dark print that took forever to bleach; I was using one of my usual digital negatives for printing gum. These are colorized negatives that are so pale and thin that I have to hold them up against a white background to tell whether I've got the right negative. They work very well for one-coat gums of a normal sort (see the rightmost image on the earlier page I posted, which is a simple one-coat gum print from my usual gum process):


I was curious enough about this to experiment with negatives I already have, and may pursue the lines of investigation I had laid out for myself when I last tried this (less pigment, less exposure, more concentrated bleach) but I'm not sure I'm so interested that I'd be willing to spend time developing a different kind of negative for this process or tear my hair out trying to make it work. You've just got a gift, maybe, or have hit on the perfect combination of variables. But, I haven't given up yet.