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I think "Pocket Knife" is a term still in use—at least by me.  For years I have carried one of those very small Swiss Army knives on my key chain—but had one confiscated once by airport security—I suppose they thought I might use it to trim the nails of all the passengers.... anyway, it's the handiest of all things to have and I'd be lost without it. 

The Pen Knife was used to sharpen quills/pens.  I don't write with a quill anymore.

As a kid my grandfather used to sit in his rocking chair (now another of my prized possessions) and peel an apple with a pen knife while we grandchildren watched in awe.  He would methodically go around and around the apple taking off a very narrow strip, but it would never break, so he ended up with this incredibly long coil of apple peel in his lap.  I have to say I would prefer to watch that today instead of all the election campaign re-hashing that dominates the tube.

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In a message dated 1/7/08 9:44:04 PM, jseigel@panix.com writes:

Contrary to the actual words, a pen knife is like a Swiss Army Knife but
with only 2 blades -- a big one at one end and a little one at the other
end, that fold into the handle. ...Boys & men would carry them in their
pockets in case they had to sharpen a pencil or play a quick game of
mumblety peg, scrape some chalk off a pastel stick, or other chore around
the house.  In other words, a "pocket knife"  (Is that term still in use?
I feel like Methuselah !)


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