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Re: Direct Carbon Potential

Title: Re: Direct Carbon Potential

I simply don't believe that making a good quality direct carbon paper requires a great deal of technical expertise. Back in the early 20th century there were literally dozens of such papers on the market, most made by fairly low tech operations. Based on my own knowledge of the way some of these papers were made the technical aspects don't appear any more complicated than making a good quality carbon tissue for carbon transfer.

My own belief is that Dick Sullivan and a number of other people, including Luis Nadeau and Art Chaklis,  have plenty of technical expertise to produce such a paper if they thought it would make money. The fact that it ain't happening tells me all I need to know.

Sandy King

At 3:27 PM +0000 1/12/08, John Grocott wrote:

I feel sure that if Dick Sullivan had the know how and technical expertise to make and market a Direct Carbon paper which would respond exactly as described in many published accounts of the development procedure, including that which is in Philippe's expensive book, Dick would risk investing in it.
But that is Dick's business, and as my Grandfather always said, ''Mind your own business and you will have a business to mind.''
The correspondence on this List, by now, must be reaching many thousands, if not millions, of readers including educators, students, entrepreneurs, gallery owners, museum curators, art photo investors, hobbyists, photo journalists and technical authors and publishers, not to mention w/s organizers of photo alternatives, so the potential money making aspect of such a highly secret process seems to be quite viable.
Think on.
John - Photographist - London - UK