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OT (a little) - Monitor calibration

Not altogether off-topic, I hope.

I've got my spanking brand new Epson 3800 hooked up, and my printed copy of PDN 
spread across the kitchen table, half-digested. One more thing I've been worrying about 
is the calibration of my monitor. I've had my eye on Spyder2 for some time, but 
discovered today that there's a Spyder3. One review speaks glowingly of it for having 
such a sexy storage cradle. Hmmm.

So is there anyone who can say from experience whether I'm better off going with the 
newer one, or can save the $100 difference and settle instead for S2? All reviews I've 
been able to locate on S3 treat it separately without even bothering to mention its 
predecessor, much less comparing them. And I really don't get much of a rise out of 
sexy cradles.

Mike Healy