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RE: Measuring DMAX


Vuescan users need not do any math. The log values are displayed on screen.

Don Bryant

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In the limit you dont even need the equation, simply compare the raw pixel
level from a scan of the various process, relative values are plenty good
enough for this. If you need an absolute value then only a densitometer can
give it to you.


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> On 15 jan 2008, at 15:22, Yves Gauvreau wrote:
> > In the case of scanned image, while in VueScan or some other scanning
> > software you may want check it out with a gamma of 1.
> Not with the vuescan density measurement tool. Any setting will give
> the same density reading (but not the same scanned file). Vuescan uses
> the raw output of the CCD for this. Optical density readings are
> measured as log (max_colour from CCD/raw_colour from CCD). These
> density readings can be accessed in Vuescan when moving the pointer
> over the scanned image while holding ctrl.
> -k