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Re: Fresson = Echague Look.

Ortiz Echague does appear to have had problems with the coating machine. When I was in Madrid in the mid-80s doing my research for a book on pictorial photography in Spain I met a member of the Real Sociedad Fotografica who had worked with Echague on many occasions in his laboratory. He told me that Echague had experienced many difficulties in getting a good coating, and that the number of prints that he actually made with papers from the machine were very small compared to the number he made with papers manufactured by the Fresson family.


At 11:36 AM -0600 1/16/08, achakali@wideopenwest.com wrote:

The Fresson's have never patented anything.  If they had it wouldn't be a
secret but rather a public document.  Their process is a trade secret.

Ortiz was sold a Fresson coating machine and formula according to Bill
Foster (Bill printed in Fresson when the paper had been available to him, he
knew and photographed with Oritz).  Oritz purchased Fresson paper from the
Fresson's up until he bought the machine and formula.  It is Bill's belief
that the machine never really functioned properly as he never saw any new
work from Ortiz once the machine showed up . . . this might explain why no
one has ever seen a print from Nadeau who is the current owner of the

Sincerely, Art

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 17:19:27 +0100, Tom Sobota wrote

I remember reading somewhere that in the 1960's there were several
Fressons who were descendants of the inventor of the method. One of
them sold the patent to Ortiz. The others are still active with the
process at the Atelier Fresson. Probably at that time there existed
two or more machines.

Tom Sobota
Madrid, Spain

John Grocott wrote:
> Hi All,
> Jose Ortiz Echague, undoubtedly, though the galactic
> amount of successful prints he made by Fresson methods, has become
> almost synonymous with this Direct Carbon process.
> > Other well known photographers such as Sheila
> Metzner had their pictures made by the Fressons. Echague, himself, > worked with the Direct Carbon paper which was sold to him. The Fressons
> gave Echague the formulae for the emulsions together with the machine to
> mass produce the paper for himself since they discontinued making it
> for commercial sales. One wonders how the Fressons continued to make
> the paper, as they still do to this very day for their own use, if they
> never had another machine or alternative method standing
> > I am dabbling with plans to make a machine tho' most of my Direct
> Carbon coating methods have so far been successfully done, by
> hand, without a machine.
> > Marek seems to be achieving good results, also, without a machine.
> > Hey Ho. The quest goes on +on + on + on + on.............
> > John - Photographist - London - UK
> >

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