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Re: UVPlotter project

sitgesn1@netscape.net wrote:
There has been a lot of talking about Fresson and I believe John even suggested to make a machine for direct carbon coating but I should like to talk about another for me much more interesting possibility. For alternative photographic process what we should need, I believe, should be a digital enlarger that could permit us to print digital files directly -avoiding negatives- on coated papers using UV light.

I have been thinking about this possibility and I used a lot of my free time making engineering drawings for implementing this idea but I should like to discuss openly my project with anyone interested in it because the project is too big and expensive for a single person.

Here are some basic details of my project:

-Table size:740x1100 mm=29.1x43.5"

-Maximum print surface: 600x800 mm =23.6x31.4"

-Table movements: x, y z linear guides and step motors

One thing, while at first glance steppers are the ideal motion control motor, far better performance is obtained. There are numerous step and direction servo motor controllers that make the intefacing no more difficult. You will want to ensure that you use preloaded linear guides and something along the lines of Brecoflex belting instead of lead screws.