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Selectacolor has anyone tried it?

HI all,

I wondered if anyone has tried this product


page down 'til you find selectacolor.

The product is available in the process colours, white and interestingly colourless. It contains something called 'soft gelatine', a pigment (unless coulerless of course) and a very small amount of amm. dich..I have applied a couple of layers to glass and it sticks very well although the pigment load is somewhat light. It's interesting because the support people at rockland say that any watercolour pigment may be added to the transparent solution.

The solution is very slow but it does develop by wiping with a wet sponge, in fact it can be treated quite roughly in development. I thought I might try developing on heavily sized paper using the sawdust and/or bleach immersion and wondered if there was anyone else messing with this stuff??


David H