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College Art Association--opportunity

Midmarch Arts Press, a highly respected not-for-profit publisher of 35
years standing, has space for 3 additional books (self-published or not)
besides its own on its table at the upcoming College Art Association Book Fair in Dallas.

The Midmarch table is strategically located -- not off in a corridor with the marginal and obscure, but in the "main drag" so to speak, with the prestigious (and leading) art book publishers of the US as well as the world. This means exposure to an estimated 5000 visitors from every university art department, as well as critics, dealers and the art public at large.

This year's Book Fair is in Dallas, Texas, February 20-24. The cost per book would be $150... that is, for the "footprint" on the table... A stack of six or seven same title is fine, plus any printed promotional material you may have. (And no "commission," you keep entire sale price).

For further details, e-mail:



PS. And may you have sunny weather in Texas.... brrrr!