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I don't think we've gotten too old-- that can't possibly be (can it??)-- but I do think that our priorities change. I'm not nearly as compelled to get out there and photograph and print every single day, like in the olden days. ;) It's less about old age, though, than about other interests that we might find equally compelling. And even though we might not be printing or photographing or posting everyday, we're probably still thinking about photography-- and whatever we're doing when we're not actively photographing or printing, will ultimately impact what and how we choose to photograph, print, or post in future. At least, that's what I think.

I've not noticed the price of eggplant so much as the ever-rising cost of peppers. What is up with that?

On Feb 4, 2008, at 2:05 PM, Don Bryant wrote:

Diana and the other 498,

Maybe the reason a lot of us don't post is

We are all so bipolar or AADD or we are grieving over the death of
photography or we have gotten too old to be driven to print for hours as we
used to.

Or in my case my darkroom has been too cold and dry and getting a good
balance of temperature and humidity these past few weeks has been difficult
and irritating.

But I also suspect that competition from other internet photography venues
is having an impact on participation.

And the price of egg plant this winter is also depressing.

Don Bryant

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