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Re: new problem

Thanks, Mark.  That's what I did initially-- had Tiger installed on the laptop and so printed from there.  That's when my hard drive crashed.  I don't know that there was a connection, or it was just a bad turn of fate, but I'll try it again with the new hard drive installed.

So, what is the problem with Epson?

On Feb 4, 2008, at 4:40 PM, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

I have only installed Leopard on my new computer—I left Tiger on the others and use one of those for printing with the 3800.

You might use another drive with Tiger installed to print to the 3800 in the meantime.

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In a message dated 2/4/08 3:26:52 PM, dhbloomfield@bellsouth.net writes:

Actually, I did post a real problem here last week, but I never got an 
answer.  I installed Leopard on my iMac a couple of weeks ago, and now 
I'm having all sorts of problems, especially with my Epson 3800.  
Epson currently has a test driver, which I downloaded, but the printer 
has lost a lot of its prior functions.  Epson, it seems, can't keep up 
and won't have a new driver that works with Leopard until March.

Can someone explain this to  me?  By all accounts, Epson makes 
truckloads of money.  Can they not hire and pay people to keep up with 
what's current-- and in the process, stay current, too?  How difficult 
is that for a company like Epson-- seriously?

So I can either sit here and wait until March for the full-featured 
Epson driver that works, or I can remove Leopard and re-install Tiger.

Is anybody else having this problem, or is it just me?

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