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Re: camera phone as "alternative"

It depends more on the phone than the computer. I am lucky in that mine has a regular USB cable and, when attached, works like a memory stick. Others need a special cable which may or may not have been supplied with the phone. You may also be able to use BlueTooth if you have such an adapter on your computer. Be aware that regardless of how many zillions of pixels your son's phone's camera has, the image that was sent to his sister's will be tiny. Best option is to get son to download himself and email it.

Judy Seigel wrote:

Baby's first photograph taken by camera phone sent (like a phone call I suppose) to another camera phone is IMO somewhat to the north of Star Wars. But my son (on the west coast) has sent photo of self with newborn taken on his cell phone to his sister's cell phone, said sister (east coast) having kindly given us a glimpse of the tiny photo.

We would like to see the photo a bit larger, also to print it out to share -- minus cell phone. Folks I've asked say yes you can upload a photo from a camera phone to a computer "if you know how," but so far no one knows how.

The computer is Mac, system 9.2 or 10.39 (no leopard!) Any info or advice on the topic would be greatly appreciated.