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Re: Mac OS X Leopard (Re: new problem)

Mark and Dan,

I'm just curious-- are either of you a reviewer or beta tester for Epson or Mac?  If so, your experiences may certainly differ from my own.   

In my experience, Apple's customer service has not been all that great (ie, defective battery story).  While they sent a new battery, free of charge, that's something any decent business would/should do.  After all, it was their fault that they sent out defective batteries with all these machines in the first place.

When my hard drive crashed on my laptop, I took it to the "Genius" (and I use that term loosely) bar at my local Apple store.  The guy tested it, said it had crashed, and immediately handed me a card for a third party local company to put in a new hard drive.  Naturally, I asked if they could do it at the store.  He said, "Well, we could, but it will be a lot more expensive than these guys."  Huh?  I thought that my laptop was still under the AppleCare warranty, so he checked.  I said, "Are you real busy-- I mean, how long would this take? I don't mind leaving it here and coming back for it tomorrow or whenever."  I figured we were talking a couple of days, at least.  He said, "About an hour."  ??  

Granted, this was just the doofus working at the local store, but still . . . what's up with that?  I can't imagine Apple would have been pleased with that, or maybe they just don't care.

I've actually had very bad luck with Apple laptops over the years.  I've had backlights mysteriously go out (on 2 different laptops); I've had energy supply cords just stop working, or break; defective batteries, hard drive crash.  I seem to have a lot less trouble with the desktop, so I assume they're simply made better.  Or maybe laptops are just too fragile to be moved, and they don't like to tell people that.

At any rate, I love the Epson 3800 printer and agree with your assessment.  It is my favorite printer right now, too, and especially for making digital negatives.  I have no issues with Epson; all the Epson printers I've ever had have been great for my purposes, including the 2200, which I still have, along with the C88-- which still work fine. Any time I have ever used Epson tech support, they've been great.  I just think they ought to try to better coordinate with Apple on these updates.  Since I like Epson, though, I'll just put the blame solely on Apple for now. :)

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I agree—Apple's customer service is incredibly good.  I have had very few problems over the years, but when I have had a problem, they were either able to talk me through fixing the problem over the phone or if it was a hardware problem replaced the part free of charge.  The best customer service I have encountered.

The 3800 is my current favorite for digital negatives.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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As a sidebar to Apple warranty issues. Two weeks ago my 2.5 year-old iMac started misbehaving (felt like a logic board problem) and Apple's response was, "we're sending you a brand new Intel iMac to replace that G5." Now that's nice customer service. They even covered shipping in both directions.

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