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Re: My first platinum-palladium over gold leaf prints

Hey Bob,

Some of the vellums have more waviness than others. One takes on a seersucker feel when dry. My favorites have a gentle, seductive wave without too much puckering. I do flatten the vellum, both before applying the gold (when the pt/pd print is dry) and after. With the one example (the Flatiron), I was overly anxious to get to work with the gilding and tried to flatten a still-damp print in the mount press. The result (at least without rewetting and re-drying) was heavy wrinkling in the surface. I'm learning a lot, though patience isn't part of the learning process. ;^)

Thanks for the feedback!

On Feb 11, 2008, at 8:41 AM, BOB KISS wrote:

Beautiful! One question: The surface of the prints seems to be
mottled. Is that surface ripples or is it visual? Can and/or might they be
pressed or do you feel that would remove some of the hand made feeling?