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Re: My first platinum-palladium over gold leaf prints

Hey Bob and Carla,

No, the gold is opaque so backlight wouldn't work anyway. What you're seeing is from reflected light (track lights) above and to the sides of the prints. I use a varnish to make the vellum as translucent as possible because the light has to pass through the paper twice on its way back to the viewer. The prints are demanding in terms of illumination but when done right, the result is quite stunning, almost holographic in nature.

Thanks for asking!


On Feb 11, 2008, at 9:04 AM, Bob and Carla wrote:

Are these JPEG's backlit....or do they look like this w/o backliting? I would question if a light from behind is what is making the gold show through so brightly....or whether it is actually showing through the vellum, reflectively. Is the leaf translucent or opaque?