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Re: albumen printing

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, Andy Duncan wrote:

Hello all,Can anyone point me to some references on how to make and
sensitize albumen paper? I've been wanting to do this process for quite some
time now, and I figured now's the time to start gathering materials and a
knowledge base to start making them.
Thanks in advance,
Andy Duncan

Andy, Post-Factory #8 [The World-Journal of Post-Factory Photography] has an article by John Dugdale and his assistant, Dan Levin, who learned albumen printing from the classic sources (Reilly, et al) while adapting it to contemporary materials (commercial eggwhites, for example). If you're in the US, the issue is $6, plus postage $2 -- for elsewhere, the United States Post Office has turned obnoxious as the only mail now is airmail which... if memory serves, the last single issue I mailed (to England) was, incredibly, $9.

PS: If you have a friend who has this issue, I encourage you to ask them to copy the article & mail.

PPS. It's titled "Albumen Liberation" since Dan found that some of the traditional agonies could be omitted (tho some couldn't).