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Re: Vandyke Question


Again from my class, we were told to wait 24 hours after mixing the three 
parts before using. Don't remember if you said you used distilled water or 


On Saturday 23 February 2008 06:10, Scott Wainer wrote:
> Thank you all for your help. I tried heating the solutions, adding more
> tartaric acid, and even added part c to the mix drop by drop and I still
> get the same result - a precipitate. I now have 800 ml of Vandyke solution.
> Last night I tried printing using the 2 year old sensitizer and it printed
> just fine when I double coated. The newer solutions printed the same as the
> old sensitizer once I filtered them and double coated the paper. I guess
> the problem is solved but I still find it strange and I have enough
> sensitizer to last a life-time. Thank you again.