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Re: possible answer to archivalness comparison between carbon gum andpt/pd

If you remember, the original query into archivalness of gum was that a particular curator told me that "gum wasn't very archival", so what Reilly's book answers, for me anyway, is that this curator is wrong and that gum is up there with pt/pd and carbon, if not better than those two.

Honestly, it IS important to me to a limit--I have made VDBs that have spotted with faded yellow spots in a year. I have made BW prints that I covered with encaustic and mounted on aluminum and the prints have developed lovely brown spots in the most dastardly places--such as my cute little grandbaby's eyeballs so he looks like devil-child.

However, what will probably moreso determine archivalness of our prints is whether or not our grandkids throw them away when we die...I don't take myself so very seriously. Heck, I sell mordancages, and either they are going to poof and disintegrate before one's eyes or they will never disintegrate because there is such a chemical cocktail imbedded in the paper that nuttin' will deteriorate it.

But thanks, Bob, for the Reilly endorsement...