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Re: Anthotypes


Thanks for the reply. I have printed out your suggestions and put them in the file I have started on Anthotypes. When we get to late Spring and my part of the world finally gets more than the occasional sunny day, I intended to give the process a try. Except online I have never seen an Anthotype and am eager to do so.

Dan Williams
Enumclaw WA

Jack Fulton wrote:
Glass always inhibits UV and you might think of tying, by testing, some of the digital paper sprays to ward off the UV.
One, rather potent in vapors, is made by Triangle Coatings of San Leandro, CA.
Another, far less potent, and recommended by Wilhelm Research, is Premier Art Print Shield and a similar product from
Moab Paper is called Desert Varnish. It seems to me the Desert Varnish is the same as Print Shield. They all add years to the
life of a chromogenic or inkjest print.