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test for complete removal of iron?

Dear List,

Could anyone reveal an easy to perform test for complete removal of iron in our iron based alt processes without having to perform XRF analysis? In my position of being in touch with examples of Pt-Pd prints executed during the last decade I see many examples of prints (made by different authors) with yellow stain due to the presence of residual iron. I think we all could benefit of having a standardized testing procedure in this matter and adress the more chemically strong between us to concoct a solution.

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Roger Kockaerts
Permadocument - pH7
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Residual iron in paper can be very harmful. Iron is a very
effective catalyst to generate hydroxyl radical, which is a
very strong oxidizing agent and it is known to attack
cellulose. If I used iron-based processes, I would definitely
test for complete removal of iron, and think about ways to
ensure complete removal of it from the paper, or at least ways
to inactivate iron if complete removal is difficult.