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Re: facial tanners for UV light? the other way to use it

Hi Don !

I 'm using this philips UV facial tanner exactly in the opposite way than you :
I put it horizontally (tubes upside) in an openwork plastic box whose sides are about 4 cm higher than the top of Phillips box. I laid a thin glass plate all across the plastic box and when I' printing, I put my printing frame(s) on this glass plate. It also happenned that i used it by putting the negative and hand coated paper directly on the glass and then covering them with an heavy piece of feltened wood.

exactly like you, I really appreciated to get the UV goggles with the tanner !

Cheers from france

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That is a very elegant solution.
If you don't work in larger than 8 x 10 format, there is also a rougher
solution involving a Philips facial tanner face down 4 inches above your
work sitting on a couple of short lengths of timber.
I found an added advantage of this facial tanner is that the packaging
includes some UV goggles.
Don Sweet