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Re: facial tanners for UV light?

Yes, I would be grateful for a copy. Can you e-mail them as pdf or jpeg files?

- Gregg

On Mar 2, 2008, at 10:03 PM, Victor Loverro wrote:

You may be thinking of Palladio paper, and yes the catalogue did have plans
for building an "Inexpensive" light source and also one for building what he
called a "not so inexpensive" light box. I have the catalogue and if anyone
is interested I would be glad to copy the relevant pages and send it to
them. I guess that since the company is no longer in business I should not
have to worry about copyright infringement. The plans cover 18", 24" and
48" sources. I built one with 24" 40watt bulbs that seems to work fine.

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Or build your own:

All you need are from 5 to 10 blacklight fluorescent bulbs (see Bulb
Direct, Just Bulbs, Bulbtronic, et al on the Internet) and about $10 worth
of lumber plus 2 sheets of plate glass for the "sandwich" (of negative &
coated paper) and some mild carpentry skills to make your own light table.
Several (including my own) are illustrated with instructions ("Light
Carpentry") in Post-Factory #6. (My favorite is possibly Nick Makris's,
which ingeniously folds up for storage.)

But there are also many sources for plans... I forget the name of the
prepared platinum paper (now defunct) that had a brochure with
instructions for building your own, but Edwards (I think was the name)
also provided plans for a setup, including fan. I think also somewhere in
its history Bostick & Sullivan may have had a booklet or brochure with

Bob Schramm used mercury vapor bulbs on his barn ceiling. "Exposures are
long," he said, but "the coverage is large."

Not to forget sunlight, which some folks have all year round.