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Re: Cyanotype Redux

> I agree, Henry--my exposures are 6-12 minutes, 6 for 1:1 on
> regular paper. I wonder if this bleeding is not, in fact,
> underexposure?

I'll recheck this...

I used to do exposures on the order of 15 minutes on Crane's
Platinotype.  The current bulbs (I'll get spec) are "hotter" than my
old box (my Palladium exposures are about 1/3 what they were before?
maybe I'm just getting more impatient the older I get:-)

Papers have different speeds I've noticed - and this paper seems faster
with Cyanotype.

I will review my exposures - I am seeing 5-6 steps turning "prussian
white (?)" on a *31* step tablet.  I'm getting to a max Dmax? But
I'll return to this.

Regardless - the difference between the foam brush and hake brush
result was stark at the current exposure.