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Re: Pittsburgh as "gum" destination-reply with advice

The cemeteries in Pittsburgh (city) are beautiful.

> Bob, You are a genius. Not to mention a polymath....Thanks one million 
> times.  I was beginning to think you couldn't get there from here. It does 
> sound like Pittsburgh has attractions in more than just one "show", 
> however enticing, and after taking the trouble to go there, I should allow 
> a bit more time.
> Although I love Warhol, the "factory" was here & I've seen acres of his 
> art, so would be less tempted to spend time on it in Pittsburgh... The 
> dags and the autochromes however -- we don't have nearly enough of 
> them.... I only once saw autochromes properly lit... I think a show at.... 
> Princeton?  They were magical.
> Incidentally, flailing about for some info this afternoon (Greyhound does 
> NOT answer its phone and doesn't list its schedule on its website, or not 
> that I could find) I called a friend from Philadelphia to ask what she 
> knew. I was surprised when she told me the city itself is very interesting 
> to photograph... I'm still attuned to the old image of Pittsburgh as smoke 
> and ash, but I gather that's obsolete (and we may do with traffic what 
> they did with steel mills or whatever it was in our old schoolbooks.)
> I'll be  uptown tomorrow, in the 30s, & will check the Amtrack 
> schedule, trying to convince myself that  8 hours by train wouldn't be 
> that much longer than to and from the plane. Meanwhile, again thanks... 
> (Are you sure you don't need to see those gums? )
> best,
> Judy