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Re: New Pictorico Premium OHP

My seat-of-the-pants tests indicate that it requires about 15-20% less exposure than the older stuff. I like the new formulation better. I haven't had time to get rigorous and test it, as I am in a mad crash printing for a show. But in general my old fomulation standard printing time for palladium was about 300 units on my Amergraph, and the new stuff requires about 260.


On Mar 6, 2008, at 11:40 PM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

I've been talking to someone at Pictorico who told me the standard Premium OHP media went through some changes since getting bought my Mitsubishi about 6 months ago.

The stock starting with the product ID TPK is the old stuff and is 6.5 mil thick.

The new stuff starts with TPU100 and is 5.2 mil thick.

Anyone know anything about this reformulation and if transmissive density of the stuff is affected by the change?

Ultra Premium OHP was not affected.