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Re: curves and gum and Christopher James book

On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Yves Gauvreau wrote:

Here is an idea of the kind of tool most computer nerds like me would
consider hitech. Let's say we have determined the exposure time at another
stage. One would make a single test print (1) and make a scan of it, you
then give this scan to a program which would read the scan and extract
information from it automatically, when this part is done you are ready to
make negs, you would then open the file of an image for which you want to
create a negative, the program would show you a simulation of your image as
it would look as a print, you could edit it further to enhence it to your
liking and finally you would press a button to generate the negative file.

The user of such a program wouldn't need any kind of special knowledge
beside what he/she already knows. Such a program would save you quite a bit
of time and money, just think at the number of test prints you would save
every time. For the skeptics, this type of program is commonly available and
used in the printing industry, that is the hitech printing industry.

That sounds like what they call "a service bureau" around here.