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Re: curves and gum and Christopher James book

Title: Re: curves and gum and Christopher James book
Michael – you are right, of course. But my question was more about – shouldn’t a curve that you apply to a positive, curve in the opposite direction from one you apply to a negative?

David’s curve, like mine, has the shadows in the bottom left corner.


On 10/3/08 18:44, "Michael Koch-Schulte" <michael@mondotrasho.ca> wrote:

Henry, it all depends how the curve data was gathered in the first place. Neither is right or wrong it's more a matter of workflow. I choose to apply my curves to the positive because I'm taking my readings from a developed positive. I also like to work in PS with the curve putting my highlights in the bottom left corner using the graphic scale of 0-100 rather than the binary scale of 0-255. The important thing is that you apply the curve to the image at the correct stage of the procedure. Dan Burkholder started doing it this, I also do it this way. It intuitive for me. Others apply the curve to the negative.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 6:53 AM, Henry Rattle <henry.rattle@ntlworld.com> wrote:
However one thing puzzles me - there's a note alongside the curve which says
"Note from David: The curve is applied before inversion to a negative and
the image should be RGB."