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Great for holding papers while coating

For the pt/pd over gold leaf I've been using a selection of thin vellum papers. These have a knack for curling wildly when the sensitizer is first applied. Initially I was using an artist's tape to hold the paper in place but, always looking for a new gizmo, I tried one of the Herma adhesive dot dispensers that apply a pattern of tiny, acid-free dots to the paper. This worked fine and it was no big deal to rub the dots off the paper after drying. But then I thought, wait a minute, I'm coating on a glass sheet so why not put the dots on the glass instead?! It worked like a charm. The same set of dots on the glass (arranged at the corners of the paper sheet) have survived many prints and still hold perfectly. At this rate, the one Herma roll of dots could supply every hand-coated printer in the U.S.

Here's a place that sells the Herma dot applicator but they seem to be popular with scrap-booking folks too:


By the way, this URL takes you to Lumiere Photo in Rochester, NY. They are the nicest people with a good stock of archival materials.

Hope this helps someone!