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Re: Pictorico OHP and Epson 2200 problems


My "new" Pictorico is definitely thicker than the old stuff, though I have not noticed a "curl" to this new film. †My problem was its relative thickness, compared to the old stuff. †Once I changed platen gap to wide (on the 3800), I didn't have any more problems. †I also have not had problems with other makers of transparencies.

I don't remember ordering anything other than what I've always ordered, so I'm guessing they may have changed everything, regardless of whether you purchase "ultra" or not. ??


On Mar 11, 2008, at 11:14 PM, Don Bryant wrote:

Mark and forum,
So are there two kinds of Pictorico being sold now? Iím still working on my stash of the old stuff but will have to buy some eventually.

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One thing I have noticed is that the New Ultra Pictorico has more emulsion on it and more curl to the film.† This curl can cause a jam if you aren't careful.† My cure for this is to make sure I have the paper guide set for the full width of the film and then to insert the film in the top feed and flex it so the the top of the sheet is bent forward.† This will cause the film to feed in straighter and to feed much better.† When I work with pieces cut from a roll, I always cut them so that the curl is in the direction of the paper feed rather than in the direction the head travels.† I hope I have described this well enough for you to visualize it.

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