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Re: UV units for alt processes demos

I've taught a pinhole camera/ alternative process workshop.  Did it in
the summer here.  used cyanotype and vandyke.  The UV source is the good
old sun - odds are pretty good of having a sunny day with strong UV
during the summer here.  Had some simple split back printing frames. 
Participants would go outside to expose, step inside to open half the
frame and check the exposure.   One of the goals of the workshop is to
use very simple and easy techniques - thus the sun as a UV source.


gumprint@gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks John, Gordon
> I would like to make a device that will ultimately take 16X20 that can
> be closed up. John's allows for the contact frame to be inserted below
> the bulbs but it is not sealed and I wondered if this would be a
> disadvantage for demonstrations. I had one made years ago that is not
> portable. It is 8  bulbs attached to a piece of wood that took the
> place of a shelf in one of my darkroom kitchen-like cabinets. The
> bulbs point down and the unit could be lowered or raised depending on
> my exposure needs. The best part is that while it is on, the doors can
> be closed and the room can still be used.
> I am not a builder/electrician but I wonder about taking a
> multi-drawer wheeled wood cart and converting the top drawer to the
> exposure device and the second drawer to a printing frame. The lower
> drawers could hold the chemistry, papers, ect.
> What have others used for demonstrations when not in their own darkrooms?
> Thanks for your help
> Carole
> On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Gordon J. Holtslander
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>     On Wednesday 12 March 2008 1:39:22 pm gumprint@gmail.com
>     <mailto:gumprint@gmail.com> wrote:
>     > Greetings
>     >
>     > Please direct me to a site for a portable (smallish or on
>     wheels) UV unit
>     > and/or plans for one.
>     > Thanks!
>     >
>     > Carole
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>     My first UV printer was very simple.  I took a four lamp
>     fluorescent strip
>     lamp and screwed 3/4 inch thick pieces of plywood on the short
>     ends.  These
>     acted as "legs"   The pieces were as high as the fxiture sides
>     plus ~ 4.5
>     inches The unit sat on a couter top- with the tubes facing down-
>     the legs
>     held the unit so the tubes were three inches above the couter top.
>      I put 350
>     bl tubes in it.  The four lamp fixture was just wide enough to
>     expose an 8
>     inch wide strip.  I was able to make 8 x10 with this.
>     What's the biggest print you would want to make with one of these?
>      Do you
>     want to be able to expose more than one print at a time?
>     I found that 4 ft UV tubes were cheapest locally.
>     Gord
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