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Re: Replacing my old 1280 with....?


I'm just reading along here, not really doing alt stuff myself, so I can't
comment on inkjet, inkts and UV properties for digital negatives.

I recently bought a Canon ipf5100 (17") printer. It is a nice machine for
those that print on matt and glossy media equally as it does not require
any inkt swapping/purging/cleaning as with the Epsons. It's more expensive
then an Epson 3800 but cheaper then the Epson 4880 model.

I'm very please with the deepness of the matt black inkts. I never liked
the matt papers from the wet darkroom but now I'm a bit in shock&awe that
I like the matt inkjets better then prints on glossy media. Exactly the
other way around as with prints from the wet darkroom....

The printer seems also to be reasonable frugal with inks, expected more
ink usage.

Oh, and not to forget :-) great prints, great color, nobanding or any
other symptoms of poor design/performance.

The previous model (ipf500) was hampered by poor user documentation, Canon
has improved a lot here, I had no trouble in setting up the printer.


> Hi all,
> I just posted this question at Hybrid, but also wanted to toss it out
> here,
> 'cause I need all the advice I can get.
> I haven't been around here much 'cause i've been working on an exhibition
> of
> my paintings these past few months, but now that's hanging, and I'm
> itching
> to get back to making some digital negs and photogravures. I'm also ready
> to replace my old 1280 printer.
> I'm thinking about the Canon 9000, 9500, or maybe even an Epson 3800.
> What I want to print:
> 1.... colorized digital negatives with PDN, for making photogravure
> printing
> plates. (My Epson 1280's inks worked great for the degree of UV blocking I
> need.)
> 2... "giclees" (i hate that word), of my paintings. Full color on matte
> surface
> fine art papers. Of course I want rich darks, which I worry about on a
> matte
> paper...
> 3... and finally, I'd like to make some b&w prints of some of my photos as
> well,
> which I will likely work into with paint or ink or whatever.
> I've been reading every review and forum post I can find about these and
> other printers, but I'm more confused than enlightened. There's just too
> much conflicting info, and a lot of outdated info as well. Any advice
> you'd
> be
> willing to offer would be SO appreciated. I'm ready to order it asap, but
> I
> need your guidance on what will work best for me.
> thanks!
> Susan
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