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Re: Question for Henk Thijs re: rabbit skin glue

Henk, some commercial sources now make coatings for inkjet to put on regular art papers, for instance I have a promo booklet from Golden paints about theirs. Have you ever tried or heard about those?

(Not as romantic as rabbit skin glue, but a lot easier.)


On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, henk thijs wrote:

Hi Randi,
My process:

15 to 20 grs crystals in 100 ml tapwater;
wait 15 min -like preparing gelatine-;
add another 100 ml water;
heat until 60 to 65 degree Celsius;
down to about 40 degree Celsius (to avoid blistering);
now i cover a tray with hot water with a piece of glas, put the paper on it and coat with a foam brush,
let it dry and coat a second time.

(keep the glue at t40 degrees the whole time you work with it, it is not good to let it down and heat again)