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Re: Question for Henk Thijs re: rabbit skin glue

At 07:24 PM 3/25/08 -0400, Judy Seigel wrote:

Henk, some commercial sources now make coatings for inkjet to put on regular art papers, for instance I have a promo booklet from Golden paints about theirs.  Have you ever tried or heard about those?

(Not as romantic as rabbit skin glue, but a lot easier.)


Hi Judy,

I have the Golden Paints newsletter about their new coatings, but they don't have one which is matte and clear - they have white opaque matte and glossy clear. These might be good for some purposes, but not for keeping the paper matte, as it was before coating. Golden's new coatings are not quite on the market yet (as of several days ago when I looked at their website). InkAID has a similar range of products; also nothing matte and clear.

I'm eager to try the rabbit skin glue on some Arches Aquarelle Hot Pressed and then do colour inkjet prints on it.

Take care,

 On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, henk thijs wrote:

Hi Randi,
My process:

15 to 20 grs crystals in 100 ml tapwater;
wait 15 min -like preparing gelatine-;
add another 100 ml water;
heat until 60 to 65 degree Celsius;
down to about 40 degree Celsius (to avoid blistering);
now i cover a tray with hot water with a piece of glas, put the paper on it and coat with a foam brush,
let it dry and coat a second time.

(keep the glue at t40 degrees the whole time you work with it, it is not good to let it down and heat again)