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RE: LC-1 developer question

At 02:06 PM 3/29/2008, you wrote:

I never had problem with crystallization when mixing LC-1B either. Are you following the common practice of dissolving a pinch of sodium sulfite first and then dissolve the metol, and then followed by the rest of sodium sulfite? There is a strange phenomenon that if you dissolve all the sulfite first, then it is very difficult to dissolve the metol, so metol has to be dissolved first. But metol gets oxidized easily, so a pinch of sulfite usually dissolved before the metol (well, I usually use more than "a pinch." I use 1-2 teaspoon roughly).


A pinch of the Metol will also absorb much of the oxygen. One can eliminate most of the dissolved gasses in the water by boiling it. This also removes some of the permanent hardness and will coagulate any organic material in it. Boiling will not remove some materials but a trip through an activated charcoal filter, like a Brita filter, will take out much of what boiling leaves behind. Boil for perhaps 3 to 5 minutes and allow to cool without being disturbed, the syphon off the clear water.
Kodak, in their early chemical books, suggested dissolving some of the ingredients for developers separately and then adding the solutions together. The only drawback is that some ingredients dissolve with difficulty if the pH isn't right. However, this might be a way of avoiding having the Metol come out of solution later.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA