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Re: LC-1 developer question

There are a lot of things that don't really matter in real
life and if you look at old literature you'll find a lot of

Both Metol and sulfite can react with molecular oxygen
dissolved in water, but in reality, the rate of that oxidation
reaction is rather slow. Compounds that react with oxygen fast
are not very useful as a developer preservative.

It doesn't really make much difference regardless of which
gets dissolved first, since a pinch of sulfite is not
instantly removing dissolved oxygen. If absolutely minimal
oxidation of Metol is required (such as in research
developers), it is probably more important to deaerate the
water and dissolve all ingredients as quickly as
possible. However, if deaeration is necessity for a particular
developer, I would have to say that the developer is poorly
formulated and not good enough for practice.

If you dissolve Metol separately in an alkaline solution and
combine with high salt content, it may be easier to make all
the solids go into the solution. However, it is difficult to
say whether the dissolved state is stable. Even if the
concentration in the bulk solution exceeds the solubility
limit, the solution may be in the supersaturation
state. However, if there are some seed crystals, or some
debries, or even some rough surface on the container, the
crystals may grow on it fast (thus supersaturation decreases)
and only then you realize the problem. If the formula is well
made and well tested, none of these needs be worried on the
user side.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Make something religious and people don't have to deal with it, they
can say it's irrelevant." (Bob Dylan, Biograph booklet, 1985)