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Re: Wedgwood: was image may rewrite (fwd)


LOL I love a good gossip--thanks for sharing :)

However, I have now made it a definite decision NEVER to join the photo history list. And we think THIS list can be rough at times, whew!!

MW's attack following our Muybridge experiment not only went well beyond the non-flame ethos of this list, where we have, with rare exceptions, a commendable level of debate. It displayed a reprehensible level of ignorance across the board. His e mail at 13:26:55 0f 31/3/08 where the attempts the circumvent our non flame-policy by referring to his abusive contribution to the altphoto list, which is notorious for flame wars and the 'Law West of the Pecos' nature of its administration, is underhand.

The level of argument he propounds there, which can be easily challenged, but not here, is typical of that list and of a standard which has led many to spend their time more constructively. As I have said earlier, these attacks started when I pointed out to him, in private, that prints made according to his platinum process were going brown after a number of years. MW made no atempts to seek an explanation or issue advice to those who were using his process, he just resorted to these attacks. I and others
have tried to discuss these matters with MW rationally but to no avail.
The difficulty I have is that his specious arguments, misrepresentations and
lack of understanding when repeated often enough, and cloaked in obfuscations
intended to pull the wool over the eyes of the less well informed, have a
damaging effect. Perhaps this is MW's intention.


Terry King

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