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Re: Feud Terry King and Mike Ware

Ohhhh Richard,
You are probably right, and I apologize for loving a juicy gossip...

I must be watching too much 24 hour news. I would never dare to breathe in public that I did watch a lot of the Anna Nicole Smith debacle to relax at night after stressful days at work. I justify that it is Pop culture, informing my art :) But I draw the line at Brittney Spears.

You've always been such a kind list member even when attacked.

I've been on the list now for 9 years and we've had our share of flame wars here, too. A more insidious form of subtle flaming goes on in discrediting, and THAT, I feel, not laziness, is why a lot of people don't post anymore--they're afraid to. I mean, 200 emails the whole month of March when weather is ugly and people are inside presumably alt printing??? Or is the dearth of alt at SPE a harbinger of doom?

A great line from Christopher James: "The future of photography is in its past".

I have no official standing on this list but am a long time member. A flame war destroyed the original history of photography list and I don't want to see the same thing happen here. I think that it should be not be encouraged by reaction. Let the list owner decide what, if anything, to do.
The current photo-history list has a very strict policy about personal abuse and flame-wars, I suspect based on the list-owner's previous experience. Please, list members, lets adopt a high standard of civilized behavior in our interactions with each other.
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA