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Re: SIZE Re: Photogravure was: Re: SPE and alt update!!!!!!

No it is not he....at least I don't recognize his name. This guy would wake himself up everynight and record a dream on a little plate. He would rock these little plates while watching TV, tons and tons of them. He teaches somewhere down south. OHHH I found it in my printmaking journal--Art Werger.
Incredible stuff. AND I got his website so thanks for bringing up mezzotint so I could reconnect with his work.


To realize that those huge plates are rocked to velvet black and then burnished back...oh my. I mean, I was really impressed, especially by his water swimmer scenes.

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Hey Chris..

I don't know if the mezzotint guy is the same or not; since he's in the South, we may be talking about the same person. Donald Furst? He's head of the art dept at UNC-Wilmington. I've seen his work for a long time, and I've never seen anything of his larger than about 4x5 or possibly as big as 5x7?? Not sure. The most recent ones I saw were very small-- all just incredible. I always find his subject matter intriguing, too-- very compelling. I just love them. His work has always inspired me to want to learn how to do that, but I'm pretty sure that will have to wait for another life-time.

Okay-- I just found a link that has some of his work: http:// www.creativewilmington.com/member_detail.php?id=102%0D

On Apr 4, 2008, at 11:30 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Good morning all!

Diana, I can understand why mezzotints are small. Rocking a plate--4x5 was
plenty big. There is a guy, and I forget his name, who rocked these HUGE
plates down south when I was at Clemson (he gave a presentation) and again,
I was blown away by his virtuoso. But mezzotints are so gorgeous and
velvety small. Wow. I wonder if we are talking about the same guy...he's a
mezzotint king IMHO.

So I guess I have to say size is verrrry seductive but the proverbial proof
is in the performance--the image itself.