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Re: SIZE Re: Photogravure was: Re: SPE and alt update!!!!!!


I own a 20X24" camera, but that is not big, is it?

As I mentioned before, I was really thinking about folks who use these huge Epson and Canon printers and make prints 40X50" and larger. You know, folks like Mark and Sam!!. Having to deal with work that big takes all the fun from photography for me, though I understand that there are some places where a very large print would be needed. Now, if I could sell every one of these that I could print, my opinion might change.

However, even storing 20X24" negatives and prints takes up a lot more space than more modest size art works.

Also, in my carbon work the surface qualities of the print (texture, relief, tactility) are important, and this must be viewed up close, holding the print in your hand. That is what I mean by the jewel like quality of some small prints.


At 9:30 AM -0600 4/4/08, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
I think Sandy is tongue in cheek because if I seem to remember, Sandy owns
one of those honkin' big cameras that can do nothing BUT big works, so he
doesn't have much room to talk.  But I do agree with the space
consideration--I am having a huge issue with that right now, with way too
many framed works needing storage and darned if I will take them out of
frames once they are in there, dust free. One show of 50 works and voila,
storage problem. Not so big of a deal if they are 8x10's but 20x24's becomes
a problem.