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Storage of Glut. , was RE: glyoxal v. formaldehyde


You wrote:

> Glut keeps for a long time as long as it is kept in an acidic
> solution (pH of about 4 is good), in a tightly closed
> container, in a cool, dark place. Not as air-sensitive as
> developers or formaldehyde or glyoxal, but I'd still avoid
> air.

..I obtained a small unopened bottle of glutataldehyde (25%) which was kept at room temperature for an unknown period (although the label read keep below zero deg Celsius).

I put it at -20degC, and tested it by putting 0.3 gr gelatine (bloom 300) in 10ml water, after soluting at 50degC I added 10Ál 25%glut (obviously in a fume hood with proper protection). After 20 min at room temperature it became solid and I assume crosslinked.

The reason for this small experiment is that I came across this paper:


were they state that storage temperature is the main factor on the stability of glut.

Do you think this suff is still good enough for sizing (guess I just have to try a small sample), or do I worry to much..;-)..

Best & thanks