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Re: glyoxal v. formaldehyde

Although preferring alt prints to inkjet prints, I remain an ignoramus on
these toxicity questions, with nothing to commend me except a certain
fluency on google and a profound respect for Bertrand Russell's dictum that
an element of doubt is a prerequisite to rational thought.

From which standpoint I am left with a couple of questions:
1.    Is it not important to be aware that glutaraldehyde is much more toxic
than formaldehyde in terms (for example) of a splash in the eyes?
2.    (Even more naively perhaps) if f'de will outgas at room temperature
but g'de will not, what implications does that have in terms of the
comparative residual toxicities of the hardened size on prints?


Don Sweet

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> On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
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> > My bottom line is that as far as toxicity, glyoxal and formalin are just
> > toxic and that tends to be downplayed in comparative discussions about
> This is a supposition, tho it jibes with my experience: I've worked with
> both glyoxal and formalin a lot -- with students, too:  The actual
> strength of the solutions is low:  (from memory) about 20 cc per liter?
> When you read the hazards lit, they're talking about industrial strength
> 40 hours a week. We use it for maybe an hour a couple of times a year.
> In other words, I doubt the risk from any of them in those amounts for
> that time is even measurable (and no way as lethal as canned sardines).
> J.