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RE: A few gum things

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Actually, I like that book -- I like the tone: casual and chatty, like 
easy does it, try this... Considering also that it was done before the 
Internet made everybody experts, and (if memory serves) no stupid 
mistakes,.. pretty good !


Hi Judy

The edition I have is dated 2000, although I didn't obtain my copy until a
couple of years after that, but I do take your point that it was a resource
before 'the internet made everybody experts'. I too like the laid back
approach but I did find this silly in the Cyanotype section 'Brush the
liquid (sensitizer) on your bicycle tyre and ride your bike over it
(paper).' I don't think the book does much to promote to the Kallitype,
saying that its difficult to do and ferric oxalate is hard to come by so
stick with the VDB. There's no mention of the colour and contrast control
that is an advantage of the Kallitype over the VDB for example. In the gum
section is written 'some pigments, green in particular, will stain the
paper. .....mix blue and yellow to make green.' I used to believe that
before I tried green pigment on properly sized paper.

I'm not going to throw my copy away, there's room for it in my library, but
when I need to look something up alt I'll go to Christina Anderson's or
Christopher James' books first.


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