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Peter Blackburn on Fabbri website

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 08:20:14 -0600
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Congrats on putting your work up on Malin's website. Your Los Primos print is gorgeous!! Nice to see another gum (and casein) person. I've only seen your and Sam Wang's casein prints but one of these days I just have to try it. I assume it is fairly stinky, though?

Peter some time ago brought up another sizing agent, Aquapel by Hercules. I got some from the company ( they graciously sent me a large sample) labeled Hercon 100, and want to try it this summer. It does have to be heated (e.g. ironed on the paper) to work. Peter, do you use this for all your prints, casein and gum both?

(Don't want to make you jealous but I have a 66 copper colored Mercury Monterrey and a 69 Plymouth Sports Suburban station wagon :) Both with pretty powerful engines, too...and very large back seats that would make any parent worried if their teenager went driving...)