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Re: alt process at the university level

Art Institute of Boston is where I want to go when I grow up! or at least when my kids leave home. Just the fact that Christopher James is on faculty must mean something good. 
Here in Toronto, we have Ryerson University where Alt process is a very popular elective. It's taught by Mike Robinson who himself does Albumen and Daguerreotype. I'm not sure what the program offers. 
I took Alt Process as an elective at York University in Toronto. It was a third year course with the option of returning in 4th year to  work on one's own. 
My dream: to get my MFA in alt processes at a low residency program and then open a Alt Process Gallery in Toronto. 

On 10-Apr-08, at 9:50 AM, Mary Pat McNally wrote:
AIB has a MFA in Visual Arts which is a low residency program much like Vermont College.
Mary Pat

Mary Pat,
Does that have a grad program?
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 Christopher James has a comprehensive alt program at the Art Institute of Boston. Mary Pat

Good morning all,
Can anyone give me names of professors who are teaching alt at a university level either in the US, Canada, or abroad?  In other words, where is there an extensive alt program?

I noticed in the Project Basho announcement a James Hajicek at Arizona State University.  There is Sarah Van Keuren at U of the Arts.  There used to be Sam at Clemson :)  I assume that Craig Stevens and/or Steven Bliss teach alt at Savannah College of Art and Design.  There's Mark Osterman who is developing one in Rochester....

Scott Weber, how about Florida?

My perception is it is not extensively taught--am I wrong on that?

I am wondering for students who want to go to an alt friendly undergrad or grad program.

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