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Re: fogged digital negative?

Knowing which corners you can cut and when comes through mastery of the process...but then the gremlins always seem to undermine 'masters' as well as beginners. Taking good notes helps.

A wonderful tip from Keith Taylor to me was to dry my printed pictorico media in a print drier for 20 minutes prior to contact printing (after letting it air dry for 2 hours). I actually do it for a different reason that you Gregg - I dry pictorico to prevent air bubbles when in contact with 'tackier' polymer plates such as the KM73. But if drying the pictorico is the solution, using a print drier or hair drier on it -- and perhaps your coated paper -- may help. Drying wet-coated paper in a print drier may not be a good thing to do for health reasons with some processes, however, I don't known. Others on this list would.

Best of luck!


Gregg Kemp wrote:
wow! 2 weeks is a long time. I haven't had trouble with others that I've used after drying a short time (less than a day, a day or two. But I really haven't paid much attention to how long I've let the negatives dry before using. I printed a replacement for the bad one last night and I plan to print with it today. But, I'll take your suggestion and print another to "cure" for a few days. I'm also going to pay more attention to the time I allow the sensitized paper to dry before printing with it. I think that may have been a problem also, as Jon pointed out. I had a couple of prints stick to the OHP around the edges of the paper - just a little, but enough to know they definitely weren't dry yet.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback from everyone. I think I just need to not rush things.

- Gregg

On Apr 13, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Manuel Gomes Teixeira wrote:


I know exactly what you mean.
This problem happened to me several times with both the Pictorico and the Agfa Copyjet.
The only way I found to overcome this, was to let the OHP to dry for several days without any permanent contact with any other surface, like a film sleeve.
I think that the problem is in chemical interaction with with the ink with and the paper before the negative is completed "cured". When I said several weeks I mean at least two weeks.
If I don't respect this drying period I'll notice some funny "fogging " patterns that fit perfectly with the contact zones of the OHP film with the paper.

My DN's are printed with the Epson 2200.

I hope this helps

Manuel Gomes Teixeira

On Apr 12, 2008, at 9:25 PM, Gregg Kemp wrote:

I was printing some cyanotypes today and one of my digital negatives seems to have "fogged". I've printed with this negative 3-4 times before, with fairly consistent results. But today it added a dark ring around the print. When I looked at the negative, it looked OK on the inkjet side, but the other side had a strange, silvery fog to it. The effect was to lighten the negative and print out darker around an area about 6 inches in diameter.

Is this a normal problem for a digital negative - a short life span? Or did I do something wrong - maybe use it too soon after printing the negative. I don't remember how long I waited before using it to make a print. But I've used it several times over several weeks. I'll make another negative, but just wanted to check here to see what I may have done wrong. The negative requires a 9 minute exposure for the cyanotype and paper I'm using. I'm printing with a UV lightbox that's around 26 x 20 inches or so, and about 4 inches from the bulbs.

- Gregg

Gregg Kemp

Jon Lybrook
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