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Re: bromoil/oil brushes

Hi Gordon,

You can make your own brushes too!
I use normal, good quality, round paintbrushes from a hardwarestore and dip them several times in a solution of boneglue in warm water (25% or something like that). Boneglue gets very hard when dry but stays soluble in warm water (and stinks). Let dry the brushes a few weeks (!) and cut the top with a jig-saw or a (mini) circular-saw on a dremel or something like that.

Only cut the round top off of the brush to get the caracteristic bromoil brush shape. When ready put the brush in warm water to remove the glue.

Recipe is from Prof. Schermerhorn a once wellknown Dutch amateur bromoilist form the '50/'60's. I have read it in an 1972 issue of the Dutch photomagazine Foto. Schermerhorn was very old when interviewed then.


On 15 apr 2008, at 19:11, Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:
Since we're talking bromoil ...

I am wondering where people get good quality bromoil /oil brushes.

I'm aware of David Lewis, Bostick & Sullivan and Silverprint as sources.

Does anyone know of other sources?

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